Get in the now!

Swabbr, in the now!

When you are young, you dream of success. From becoming famous. From being found interesting. To be worshipped. See things. Experience things. To do things. The thing is: nobody gives a shit about your dreams unless you make them come true. Swabbr is going to help you to make your dream come true.

Swabbr does something other apps forget. The app that helps deal with your fear of starting. Which shows you that your fear of failure is unfounded. Because you don’t always have to be brilliant or super funny. As long as you show up. The algorithm gives you the cue to start. And once you start and just do it, you’ll see how quickly Swabbing becomes second nature. Nice for your social media presence, but also very useful for the rest of your life.

To make dreams come true you have to start, fall and above all keep going. Social media success isn’t so much built on talent, but rather on the ability to show your face day in and day out. Stand there and do your thing. Your way. Then it will come naturally. The likes, the love, the fame. But also the hate, the dislikes and the judgments of people you may not even know. Merciless and hard in your face.

Believe it or not, but it’s coming, that moment when we leave lockdowns and seclusion behind us. That we come together again in an endless stream of experiences, hugs and events. Organized or spontaneous. It doesn’t matter, but we are going to enjoy it intensely, because our pre-programmed need for human contact now almost physically hurts. Welcome back to the now. The ideal moment for the launch of a new app that puts vloggers on stage at the right time.

Thanks to our unique algorithm, the app knows when it is interesting for you to vlog. Don Zandbergen, CTO of Swabbr: ‘that is different for every person. Our algorithm is -just like the coca cola recipe secret-  based on thousands off variables such as the age of the user, interests, place of residence, time zone and use of the app. Every day we add new variables. Also we use for example data about movement. When someone is travelling it’s a good idea to send a vlog request. Or when someone arrives at their location after flying for three hours, that’s a perfect moment to make a vlog. Alongside, our algorithm uses many fixed variables. Think of holidays like the fourth of July or New Year’s Eve. Those are moments when a vlog request is fun, and you don’t have to think about it yourself. It’s therefore very easy to use’. The request comes in and the only thing you have to do is click on the notification and you can record. Or not, because you can swipe the notification away. In addition, the algorithm also responds to major events. Is there a big party in the city? Then the app detects that many users go to that party and a request is on the way.

Onno Spek founder of the app: ‘when I go to a party I don’t want to vlog the day afterwards. So, the app will not send a request early in the morning. Or maybe not at all that day, because you are in bed all day with a headache. But the next day? Vlog on!’ Most young people are plagued by insecurity and fear of the opinions of their peers. While they also have plenty of friends and are liked in daily life. They just don’t know where to start: with themselves. Because the life you live is more fascinating to others than you think. Stop overthinking. Start Swabbing.