Abuse Policy

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Terms of use

We are pleased that you became a member of Swabbr (the application). Before taking part of this vlog-community, please carefully read these rules. Thanks!

  1. We are focused on protecting our users. All moderation is arbitary in the sense that if you do something that does not explicity violate any of this rules but which the mods find wrong, unsavory, or distasteful, then you can be removed off the Swabbr- app community.
  2. The intent of these rules is to provide structure fort his application where people can have fun, and make great content. We’re proud of what we’ve build with Swabbr so far. Be respectfull!
  3. Don’t personally attack others. Allow people opinion and lifestyle.
  4. Make vlogs in good faith. And assume the good intentions of other people. Try not to pick fights, we’re people who want to vlog. 
  5. Keep in mind this is a diverse, international app. Radiate kindness and sensitivity. We are all faillible humans.
  6. Understand that there is a ‘line’. And we all know when we see it. Sometimes differently, understand and have the maturity to step back.
  7. Hate speech of hate adjacent speech that denies the humanity of any other people or group of people, will not be tolerated. Let’s assume the best in each other and endeavor to let someone know who might have a blind spot and help us further grow.
  8. Use a kind of enhanced common sense when posting.
  9. Targeted harassment is not tolerated in any way. Never!
  10. What are of offensive materials (in addition to the above)? Content that promote or glorify hatred, violence, racism or dicrimination aren’t allowed, including:
  • Vlogs that imply of promote support of, membership in, or funding of a terrorist organization;
  • Vlogs promoting or marketing intolerance toward religion, race of ethnic background and sexual orientation;
  • Slavery items, including reproductions. Such as content of shackles, documents etc;
  • Nazi collectibles, propaganda, symbols and memorabilia. Except for the purpose of educational of historical use;
  • Vlogs that include racial, religious and sexual slurs;
  • Representations of violence;
  • Bullying;
  • Vlogs that benefit or promote racist organizations.
  • If the above content is found by you, please notify us. This can be done very easily via the ‘report abuse’ button. You can find this button at your profile-> report ubuse (see screenshot below). You can also send an email to abuse@swabbr.com.
  • When a report is received, action is taken as quickly as possible. In any case, the content will be removed within one hour by our in-app blocking system.
  • Swabbr uses its own moderators to monitor content. It can also use Artificial Intellegence to detect prohibited content. Moderators will ultimately decide about:  remove content/ if someone is getting blocked.
  • Swabbr’s moderators are authorized to remove content from the app at any time. If it contains content that is illegal under criminal law, it can be shared with legal authorities.
  • Moderators always engage in conversation with content creators. If they violate any of the rules, we will call them to account. Depending on the content (degree of violation), the person will be notified of a:

– 1 week ban

– 1 month ban

– account will be deleted

The principle of three strikes and your out always applies.

The mods value the spirit of these rules much more than the letter. Be cool. Be ULTTIMATE. Let us know when you see something wrong. These are the guardrules as we continue to grow and build.